The 12th edition of the International Scientific Conference
”Defense Resources Management in the 21st Century” (CoDRM)
09 - 10 november 2017

The Regional Department of Defense Resources Management Studies (DRESMARA), in collaboration with the Military Sciences Section of the Romanian Academy of Scientists, War Studies University from Warsaw/Poland, University of Defense, Brno/Czech Republic, "Political Research Group" and "Global Agora" Associations and under the auspices of "Carol I" National Defense University, organized, the 12th edition of the International Scientific Conference "Defense Resources Management in the 21st Century between 09 and 10 November 2017

Under the motto Using Today’s Ideas to shape Tomorrow’s Future!, the event brought to the debates table the pertinent ideas in the field of defense resources management and new opportunities for initiating or developing research projects, the conference being also a good opportunity and an excellent environment to exchange opinions and strengthen future partnerships.

The high level of the conference was supported by the following keynote speakers who chaired the conference: J. Michael GILMORE, PhD, principal researcher at RAND Corporation / USA, Jonathan LIPOW, Associate Professor, PhD / Defense Resources Management Institute / Naval Postgraduate School (NPS), Monterey / USA, Mrs. Antonia COLIBĂŞANU, PhD, senior geopolitical analyst/”Geopolitical Futures” and trainer on geopolitics for European Affairs program at the Romanian European Institute, Mr. Eleftherios THALASSINOS, Professor, PhD / Piraeus University / Greece, Colonel Tomasz KOSMINDER, Professor, PhD and Lieutenant-Colonel Engineer Andrzej SOBOŃ, PhD / War Studies University from Warsaw/Poland, General (retired) Teodor FRUNZETI, Professor, PhD / "Titu Maiorescu" University of Bucharest / President of the Military Sciences Section of the Romanian Academy of Scientists, Colonel Gheorghe CALOPĂREANU, Professor, PhD, commandant (rector) of "Carol I" National Defense University, Colonel Florin-Eduard Grosaru Professor, PhD, DRESMARA director.

The conference was held both in plenary sessions and in 6 sections:

  • Defense Economics, chair Mr. Vlad DUMITRACHE, junior lecturer, Ph.D. / DRESMARA;
  • Transatlantic cooperation, Chair Mrs. Liliana FILIP, PhD candidate / “Political Research Group”;
  • Management Theory and Practice, chair Mrs. Ileana TACHE, Professor, PhD / "Transylvania" University of Brasov;
  • Social sciences, chair Mrs. Brînduşa-Maria POPA, lecturer, PhD / DRESMARA;
  • Military Strategies and Defense Planning, Chair Major Dorel BADEA, Associate Professor, PhD / "Nicolae Bălcescu" Land Forces Academy Sibiu;
  • Information Science, chair Colonel Engineer Cezar VASILESCU / Professor, PhD, habil. / DRESMARA.

As a result of the great scientific prestige accumulated during previous editions, the conference enjoyed wide national and international participation, with 47 papers by 67 authors, individually or collectively:

  • at national level - 37 articles, 53 authors;
    • educational institutions and other structures of the Ministry of National Defense - 23 articles, 29 authors;
    • Universities ("Mihai Viteazul" National Academy of Information, SNSPA and "Titu Maiorescu" / Bucharest, "Transylvania" / Brasov, "Alexandru Ioan Cuza" and "Grigore T. Popa" / Iasi, Oradea, "Lucian Blaga" / Sibiu ) - 9 articles, 17 authors;
    • other institutions (Romanian Academy, Romanian Academy of Scientists, "Political Research Group", "Global Agora") and an independent researcher - 5 articles, 7 authors;
  • at international level - 9 articles, 12 authors;
    • educational institutions and structures of the Ministries of Defense from Czech Republic, Moldova, Pakistan and Poland - 7 articles, 7 authors;
    • universities from Turkey - 2 articles, 3 authors;
  • international collaboration - 1 article, 2 authors (DRESMARA / Ministry of National Defense and Yildiz University / Turkey).

The 12th edition of the conference offered the perfect framework for relevant scientific debates on concepts, principles and trends in the areas of management theory and practice, economics defense and defense planning, defense resource management, military affairs, security studies, transatlantic cooperation, and information science in the new context of the changes generated by the current security environment.

(See here the article from "Observatorul Militar", nr. 47 / 22 - 28 november 2017, page 3)